a twon's nightmare book

A Town’s Nightmare

This frightening book will send chills down its readers’ spines. It tells the story of Hendrick Elias Leckner, a former pastor of the Catholic faith the one who made a pact with the devil.

a window opened

A Window Opened

This book consists of short stories seen through a mystic window, with your fantasies occurring by daydreaming or an unconscious swoon.

a twon's nightmare book

Lost Stories Found

Throughout the years and centuries there have been old articles, manuscripts and souvenir enthusiast’s finding and collecting books, pamphlets, tracts and old stories from buyers and sellers. Eventually these stories in this book were put together, to grasp how events occurred in different timelines.

About the Author

Alan R Martin

Alan R. Martin

Alan R. Martin was born in Germany. As a child, he played baseball, football, and some basketball. Alan started writing or perhaps storytelling when he retired. He started getting bored and knew he didn’t want to return to the state. Writing is more like storytelling to him.

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