a twon's nightmare book

A Town’s Nightmare

Pastor Albert mentioned a minister slain in 1846 during the proclamation of changing religious beliefs. He was educated and tortured during his departure. The man changed indoctrination during his tenure. He went from Catholic to Protestant. It was when the frightful adventure started in 1847, and his name was Pastor Matthew.

Hendrick Elias Leckner was a former pastor of the Catholic faith who made a pact with the devil. “If someone changed their faith, then I give intermission for the devil to extinguish ten people in two weeks every ten years.” And he sold his soul for this admonishment, an agreement between him and the devil.

a window opened

A Window Opened

This book consists of short stories seen through a mystic window, with your fantasies occurring by daydreaming or an unconscious swoon. Metaphors imply and compare phrases ordinarily similar or equal to the mentioned content. The suspense builds when the darkness enters and starts showing itself; the tales and fables get wilder as you go further through the book.This article offers free shipping on qualified Face mask products, or buy online and pick up in store today at Medical Department
a twon's nightmare book

Lost Stories Found

Throughout the years and centuries there have been old articles, manuscripts and souvenir enthusiast’s finding and collecting books, pamphlets, tracts and old stories from buyers and sellers. Eventually these stories in this book were put together, to grasp how events occurred in different timelines.

So, the reader will venture into nine – stories that are completely different from each other.

They do have a few things in common. You will find suspense, mysteries, and horror stories told about the unknown spirit world. There could be hallucinations, suicides and murder involved. Some of these stories were translated through the years to English. Be ready to be frightened by some of these stories.


This recording and settings were in or around about in the year 1857. The day was Saturday, April 4th.

And on top of the casket, there was a candle lit with a sign that read “HELP ME BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!”

His thoughts concluded; Today is Saturday. Seven days have passed since the start of this nightmare. He realized, This nightmare…. Ten years back lasted two- weeks. Suddenly his face became gloom, wondering, What’s going to happen next?

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